Israel. The Israeli press criticizes the agreement with Iran

The newly signed agreement on the Iranian nuclear caused outcry among commentators on the Hebrew State. Back on the first reactions.

The agreement on the Iranian nuclear which has just been signed in Vienna by Tehran and the P5 + 1 (China, USA, France, UK, Russia and Germany) does not rejoice Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately responded, calling the agreement “historic mistake”. The Israeli press of all tendencies has published numerous comments on an agreement lived as an existential threat to Jerusalem. The site The Times of Israel, citing Iranian sources, headlined: “Concessions allow Iran to keep its nuclear sites.”

For the center-right popular daily Yediot Aharonot, the battle is not yet completely lost. “Israeli diplomats have been instructed to focus on the shortcomings of the agreement.” Prime Minister Netanyahu now has on the US Congress to scuttle the agreement, said the Israeli daily.
Finally, for the leftist daily Haaretz, “the agreement on the Iranian nuclear is neither historical nor catastrophic.” It is a defeat for the Israeli prime minister. and the war against US President Obama has just begun, Haaretz predicted.

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