April 22, 2019

Israel, Europe and the US – Searching for Directions

The recent shakedowns in the Western World, namely the Brexit and Election of USA President Donald Trump, have left the people of Europe with a mostly-uncertain future and large skepticism. Where does the State of Israel come into the play and what possible consequences do those recent events entail?

There is a shift in the tides throughout the Western World.

Despite the nearly-unanimous predictions of the Media and the Polls, the people of Britain chose to leave the EU. The phenomenon now known as the “Brexit”, comes to assert that Britain no longer wished to be integrated into European Union. The people wished for “Independence”, and not to be subjected to organizational command. Said Independence is also shown as a part of the United States and Israel. Britain, however, will no longer be a part of the Decision Making process and the EU, and will have to increase its efforts to maintain security, just like Germany.

Despite all that is said, the British People will remain committed to the security of the European Continent as a whole.

But in the near future, a parliamentary permission is required to instigate the “Brexit”. Once given, we are still looking at a complicated period of two years, in which the “Brexit” Agreement will be established.

A more immediate event is the inauguration of the new US President from the Republican Party, Donald Trump. Despite the (again) unanimous predictions of the elections by the media, Trump has taken the world by surprise when he passed the 270 electoral votes by no small margin.

There are clear evidences of Russian intervention in the US elections, which contributed to the shifting of the tides in the final votes. Fear grips the European Political Experts regarding further Russian interventions in future elections which will be held this year to contribute to the rise of extreme right-wing political parties. The Russian Federation seeks to disassemble the EU and detach Europe from the United States.

To some, such events would seem like the “deterioration” of Democracy throughout the Western World, as seen by the many protesters currently out and about in Washington D.C, Philadelphia, and so on. The “Liberal” identity, over the years, became an inseparable part of the “Democratic” identity, to the point where the West can no longer accept that reality can be different. There is a decrease in concern towards minorities and the interest of taking part in multilateral decisions, which people perceive as a threat to Democracy, while it is actually the neutralization and breakdown of Liberalism.

However, the contrary could be said – the Brexit and election of Donald Trump as the president of the US might have an adverse effect on the rest of the European continent.

In times such as these, where the Islamic States seeks to deter the stability of the Democratic world and launches terrorist attacks on major western cities such as Paris, the question remains to be asked with the continent of Europe could possibly understand and relate to Israel’s standpoint regarding the war on terrorism.

One thing is certain, however – in the upcoming years both Europe and the United States are going to view Israel as a central state and an example for counter-terrorism.

Guy Golan
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Guy partnered with David in the establishment of IsraeliDiplomacy and holds the position of Executive Director. He has written many articles regarding Israel's relations with Foreign Countries. An experienced analyst in International Affairs, Guy has years of knowledge from his military service in the prestigious International Cooperation Division of the IDF.

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