IAI Expands its Cyber Business in Asia

August 9, 2016 admin 0

It seems that Israel’s increased capabilities in the field of cyber have been recognized also in Asia. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced signing significant cyber deals, worth more than $40 million, with customers in Asia. […]

Israeli Musical Diplomacy: A Win over BDS

August 6, 2016 admin 0

By Eliana Rudee/JNS.org Steven Goldstein’s connection to Israel predates his now-renowned acting and operatic career. He first came to Israel at just 15-years-old and has returned many times, including through what became his first formal […]

The Israel-Egypt partnership deepens

August 6, 2016 admin 1

Egypt last week marked Revolution Day, the day commemorating the 1952 Free Officers’ revolt that toppled the playboy King Farouk. Next door in Israel, the Egyptian embassy threw a party. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu […]