• Israel-Asia

    Modi Is Coming to Jerusalem

    The first trip to Israel by an Indian prime minister reflects the significant expansion in relations between the two countries that has taken place since the establishment of full diplomatic relations in 1992. The burgeoning [...]
  • Israel-Europe

    Israel at the Paris Air Show 2017

    The most prominent characteristic of the 2017 Paris Air Show was security. The indications of the particularly strict security measures became evident in the long queues at the entrances to Le Bourget Airport, where the [...]
  • Israel-Asia

    25 Years to Israel-India Relations: The Shift in Ties

    Perhaps the best term with which to describe the contours of the 25 years of India-Israeli relations is “decentralization.” In acknowledgement of the political compulsions within which the Central Government in New Delhi operates, Israel [...]
  • Israel-Arab World

    Israel Needs to Reassess its Syria Policy

    As the situation in Syria attracts and involves outside actors and impacts on regions and states beyond its borders, Israel no longer enjoys the luxury of limiting its interest to the Golan Heights border area [...]



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